Lucius Nudes Chocolate Collection

$ 27.00

3 bar collaboration collection with Lucius to celebrate Nudes, new album released March 2nd. 

72% Wild Bolivia Dark Chocolate

Net Wt. 2 oz. Ingredients: wild harvest direct trade organic cocoa, organic raw fair trade cane sugar, + organic cocoa butter. 

This cacao grows in the Alto Beni region of Bolivia and is collected, fermented and dried by the Alto Beni Cacao Company. All the beans come from small-scale farmers who are paid premium prices for their production.

55% Buttermilk Chocolate

 Salty + Sweet 55% Buttermilk Chocolate - Made with our Oko Caribe Direct Trade Organic Cacao, organic buttermilk, raw fair trade organic cane sugar, & Himalayan pink salt.  Contains Milk. Net Wt. 2 oz.

Salt + Wafer Buttermilk Chocolate

This 45% Buttermilk Chocolate bar is crafted from Oko Caribe Direct Trade Organic Cacao with a tangy + salty flavor. Crispy wafer + Himalayan Pink Salt. Contains milk + wheat. Net Weight 2 oz.

Complimentary cold packing on shipments heading to warmer destinations, weather checked by our team daily.

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