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Winter Abundance Collection

There is a a perfect chocolate gift for your nearest and dearest this holiday season - with a bit of dark, milk, and holiday cheer it's bound to be a little bit sweeter tasting this collection. Bring the winter flavors, good conversation, and enjoy the cozy night ahead. Orders are shipped in a complimentary cotton gift sack. 

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1. Wild Bolivia 72%

What pairs well with it? Porter or stout beer,  espresso, Boerenkaas cheese, or pear. 

Ingredients Wild harvest direct trade organic cocoa, organic raw fair trade cane sugar, + organic cocoa butter. This cacao grows in the Alto Beni region of Bolivia.

2. Salt + Wafer

How does it taste? Salty Sweet buttermilk chocolate, this bar is similar in milkiness level to a traditional milk chocolate with wafer folded in.

What pairs well with it? Enjoy with caramelized pear, caramel latte, vanilla cake, a milk stout, or gewurztraminer. 

Ingredients 45% Buttermilk chocolate made with Oko Caribe Direct Trade Organic Cacao with a tangy and salty flavor. Crispy wafer and Salt.

Praise  As seen in Real Simple Magazine. This is a year round top gifting bar thanks to it's delicious and approachable flavor profile.

Allergens Contains milk and gluten.

3. Gingerbread

How does it taste? Salty Sweet buttermilk chocolate base with our house made spiced gingerbread folded in.

What pairs well with it? Enjoy with chai, cured meats, fontina cheese, spiced rum, or candied walnuts.

Praise Good Food Award Winner as seen in Vogue US.

Ingredients Direct trade organic Dominican cacao, organic buttermilk, raw fair trade organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter, organic flour, free range organic egg, organic baking powder, baking soda, organic butter, fair trade organic brown sugar, honey, organic maple syrup, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic clove, organic nutmeg, and salt).

Allergens Contains milk.

4. Rum Raisin

How does it taste?  Salty Sweet buttermilk chocolate, this bar is similar in milkiness level to a dark milk chocolate. Perfect for chocolate covered raisin lovers. 

What pairs well with it? Enjoy with vanilla ice cream, breve latte, toasted almond, spiced rum, chai, or black tea.

Ingredients Made with our Oko Caribe Direct Trade Organic Cacao, organic buttermilk, raw fair trade organic cane sugar, organic raisin, and rum. 

Allergens Contains milk.

5. Chili + Streusel

How does it taste? Bright sunny color & it's predisposition to pair well with a good summer IPA. The heat is flavorful + balanced with the brown sugar sweetness of the streusel. 

What pairs well with it? Enjoy with an IPA, charcuterie plate, deep fried plantains, chai, or a rich dark roast coffee. Picnic, pool floats, and beach optional. 

Ingredients 70% Dark direct trade organic Hispaniola cacao, raw fair trade organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, brown sugar, butter, flour, cinnamon, Aleppo chili, and salt. 

Allergens Contains milk and gluten.

Maker process This single origin chocolate is crafted from bean to bar by our 10 employee team lead by Nathan Miller & Chelsea Russo. We start with the raw beans that are hand sorted for quality. Once sorted we roast the cacao, stone grind until the mouth feel of the chocolate lets us know it's time to remove (usually around 3 days), and temper in small batch. Once the bars are molded, our team inspects each one for cosmetic beauty & uniform look. To finish of this item we wrap it in a handmade craft paper that's hand dyed, sun dried on screens, & sustainably produced. We hope that as you enjoy this bar - the feel, taste, & experience is a unique pleasure. 

Complimentary cold packing on shipments heading to warmer destinations, weather checked by our team daily. 

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